Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

We have spent a lot of time getting this beautiful car back to its original state. We completely refurbished the fuel system as well as the brakes. A lot of attention has made this car very nice and reliable.


The 365 GT 2+2 is a motor vehicle from Ferrari, with rear wheel drive, a front mounted engine and a Pininfarina-styled 2 door coupé body style. Its engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 4.4 litre, single overhead camshaft 60 degree V 12 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. This unit has an output of 316 bhp (320 PS/236 kW) of power at 6200 rpm, and maximum torque of 363 N·m (268 lb·ft/37 kgm) at 5000 rpm. This power is transmitted to the wheels by means of a 5 speed manual gearbox. The claimed weight at the kerb is 1462 kg. Top quoted speed is 245 km/h (152 mph). IMG_3828-Edit IMG_3816-Edit

Once you’ve raced, you never forget it

and you never get over it

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