At Lights2Flag we maintain and restore many different typs of classic cars. We have a lot of experience and allways make sure to maintain the genuine heart of the cars. Here is some of the cars that we have carried out work on.

We provide many different types of services for your car.

Service and maintenance

We service your car and make sure to keep it in top condition, the only way we know.

Fault diagnosis

No problem is to big or small for us. We make sure to do all we can to solve the mystery of the fault.

Racing services

We provide full race support in diffrent series and organize test days. We work a with driver coaches and data logging to get you on pace.

Setup tuning

One of our specialties are chassi and race car setup. We can help you with both a basic setup and assist you at the track. Our state of the art equipment and our long experience of getting the most out of any race or track day car is at your disposal.

Once you’ve raced, you never forget it

and you never get over it

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