Lights2flag – Ferrari – 458 Sta Zitto

A dream come true
L2F Ferrari 458 StaZitto

Swedish Actor Mikael Persbrandt approached Ricky Rasenius at Lights2Flag to make his dream of creating a road going race car come true. The aim of the customized Ferrari 458 was to bring the best of a race car and a street car into the same car – without compromising.

The car was handed over at Ljungbyhed old air force base. Mr Persbrandt was excited and thrilled, both by the visual appearance and the driving experience.

-Custom paint, steelgray with glossy black roof
-VAD Cursive GT3 Aero
-Carbon front bumper
-Carbon front fenders
-Carbon Splitter
-Carbon door sills
-Carbon rear fender wideners
-Carbon rear bumper
-Carbon rear diffusor
-Carbon rear wing with supports
-Carbon inner wheel arches

-Öhlins custom suspension. adjustable in height, bump and rebound.
-Custom brake cooling
-Custom L2F Setup
-Lowered weight with titanium and carbon parts

-Race setup
-Custom 3-piece VAD VF1 19” rims
-Pirelli 458 Challenge Slicks
-Custom inner doors
-Custom door liners
-458 Challenge gear shift paddles
-4-point racing belts

-Stock engine 570HP
-Capristo Valvetronic exhaust
-Custom inlet pipes
Wheels And Tires
-Street setup
-Custom 3-piece rims, AG Alpha with carbon lips 21” rear 20” front
-Pirelli Pzero Tires
-355/25R21 Rear
-275/30R20 Front
Video & Edit.: Erik Pütsep –
Photo & Edit: Daniel Ahlgren –

Photo & Edit: Daniel Ahlgren –

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Once you’ve raced, you never forget it

and you never get over it

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